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1 / 11  -  A G I T A T I O N   F U N C T I O N 
Liquid/ liquid dispersion
Liquid/gaz dispersion
Gas absorption
Putting into suspension
Maintaining in suspension
Mixing miscibles liquids
Chemical reaction
Heat transfert
Mixing non miscible liquids

2 / 11 -  P O S I T I O N    I N   T H E  D R U M 
Vessel roof
Vessel floor
Vessel edge
3 / 11  -  M A T E R I A LS    I N    C O N T A C T    W I T H    T H E    L I Q U I D    O R    I T S    F U M E S
  Carbon steel 
Carbon steel covered with 
Stainless steel type  
4 / 11  -  P O L I S H I N G 
None (stripped / passivated except for steel and coverings)
5 / 11  -  P R O D U C T S   T O   B E   A G I T A T E D  
Max viscosity (cps)
Special characteristics
   For the final product :      Max. density                       Max. viscosity cps
   Temperature of the mixture (C) : Min   Max
Pressure inside the vessel (Absolute bar) : Min   Max   
6 / 11  -  I N F O R M A T I O N S   A B O U T   T H E   V E S S E L 
Cylindrical vessel
Parallelepiped vessel
Vessel roof
Vessel floor
Attachment to the stirrer
Iron U on vessel
     Bride sur cuve        
Independent chassis
7 / 11  -   A T E X    E N V I R O N M E N T   : Y E S       N O 
Zone inside the drum
Zone outside the drum
Temperature class  
Gas risk  
Gas risk
Dust risk 
Dust risk
8 / 11  -  E N G I N E 
      IP protection  :     Voltage (V) :          Fixed speed   or    variable            
  9 / 11  -  S H A F T   S E A LI N G  :  Y E S      N O 
 V-ring joint       Lipseal       Lipseal + deflector        Deflector       Liquid seal        Gland packing       Mechanical seal
10 / 11  -  C O M M E N T S 
Focus on the restrictive problems, such as for example: roof height, means of attaching the stirrer, rigidity and resistance of the vessel, peripheral speed limit of the blades, internal obstacles (tubes, coils, plungers etc.), manhole for passing the elements etc. 


 11 / 11  -  Y O U R   D E T A I L S 
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