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Magnetic stirrers

Magnetic stirrers

The permanent magnet magnetic couplings make it possible to transmit a couple without contact. This type of synchronous coupling autoprotects the system against the risk of overload. The motorisation is outside the vessel with no connection with the milieu to be mixed and no sophisticated sealing. The protection proposed is thus guaranteed, there is no risk of contaminating the products, hygiene is assured absolutely and the environment is protected. Maintenance is simple and the lifespan is long as wear and tear is limited. The agitation blades, as well as the size of the magnets, are defined by the elements of the process.

Synchronous coupling magnetic stirrers can be used in applications such as:

   - chemistry, for highly dangerous products and at high pressure
    - in pharmacy, for vaccines and other sensitive products.

AGITEC proposes:

    - magnetic stirrers placed in the roof of the vessel making it possible to install several agitation blades at various different heights, thus leaving space at the bottom of the vessel for drain holes.
   - magnetic stirrers placed at the bottom of the vessel to make it possible to stir volumes up to 20,000 litres, and to stir almost all the drain-off.

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