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Counter-rotating stirrers

Counter-rotating stirrers

The counter-rotation was designed for double agitation.

In the centre,one or more mobile devices guarantees fast agitation. Depending on the case, these blades can be dispersion turbines for mashing, turbines at a 45° angle for thixotropic products, pump profile propellers to complete the action and the heat exchange with the product thus thrown against the walls of the drum.

On the periphery,a two- or three-arms anchor guarantees slow agitation in the opposite direction to that of the central agitation, breaking the general movement provided by the fast agitation. For sticky products, the anchor is equipped with articulated alternating scrapers to stop a film being left on the walls.

AGITEC proposes:

 - Two distinct, superimposed types of motorisation that will be responsible for transmitting the movement. The drive shaft for the central agitation going inside the transmission shaft for the peripheral agitation.
 - The considerable effort made by the central agitation is taken up by a roller bearing inside the anchor device.
 - For the more sophisticated systems, it is possible to guarantee watertightness where the shaft passes through the vessel by means of a stuff box or mechanical seal.

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