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Lateral extraction stirrers

Lateral extraction stirrers

Any friction will provoke wear and tear in the contact parts.

The sealing systems necessary in many processes are the Achilles heel of stirring systems.

These sealing systems range from joints in the simplest cases, to mechanical seal cartridge boxes for the most sophisticated.

Depending on how often they are used, it can be necessary to change the mechanical seals several times in the life of a stirrer.

Changing the mechanical seals involves dismantling the agitation shaft’s guiding system in order to be able to do the maintenance in the workshop. These various operations can require handling that may be both heavy and costly, resulting in significant manufacturing shutdowns.

AGITEC proposes:

A guiding system with lateral extraction of the mechanical seal cartridge box. The box can be changed on the operating site and does not require the dismantling of either the motorisation parts or the agitation shaft. In most cases the operation takes no more than two hours.

This system can be installed on both vertical and lateral agitations.

During the replacement operations, the vessel can remain full: no draining, degassing or cleaning.

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